21st Century Cryptocurrency Exchange

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50% Fee Discount 

In addition to the low trading fees, our CenturyX (XXI) token holders with 1000XXI in their wallet on our platform will also qualify for a 50% discount on fees.

CenturyX Vault (CV)

CV is a program designed to reward XXI token holders apart from the 50% discount on fees, an additional revenue source by receiving a part of the exchange’s daily revenue based on the amount of XXI they hold.

CenturyX Empower

Empower is a fund which we will use to help the less privileged. At the end of each quarter, we will buy back a portion of the tokens with profits from the exchange till the total supply reaches 10 million. These will be locked in a separate CenturyX Empower wallet.

A community based voting system granting XXI holders and the community holds a 60% voting power will then be used to aid us in selecting a charity project(s) at the end of each quarter to embark on. Our community gets involved here as well.